Geek Love Discussion Post!


All right y’all. It’s time to tell us. Did you read the book? DID YOU FINISH? We must know these things. Here are some questions to help prod you on:

  1. Geek Love was written in the early eighties. How does it reflect and satirize American culture at that time?
  2. How difficult is it to suspend disbelief and enter into the fictional world of Geek Love? What are the rewards of doing so?
  3. How do the twins, Iphy and Elly, Arty, Chick, and Oly relate to each other? What roles do they play? How does Arty gain control over them?
  4. In what ways does the novel seek to shock readers? What preconceptions does it try to overturn? How does it manage to be both engaging and deeply disturbing?

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#GeekLoveRAL Halfway Post!



Here we are, kids! Today is the halfway point in the #GeekLoveRAL! This is Andi, by the way, and I’m a complete loser for not actually being halfway through the book, so we’re going loosey-goosey today.

What are you thinking of the book so far? What you expected? Completely different? Brilliant or beyond your tastes? Let us know your take on this one by linking your own post up below or sharing with us in the comments. We’ll post questions and a link to wrap up on February 28!

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