East of Eden Readalong, Installment #1


Hey there, friends! Today is our first stop in the East of Eden Readalong! How’s it going for you so far? Are you enjoying this chunkster of a book?

For today’s discussion, feel free to link up your own discussion posts from your blogs, come back and link up later, or discuss in the comments! We’re pretty free-flowing around these parts.

Questions to think about if you need them!

1. What do you think of the style of Steinbeck’s writing? Readable and awesome or slow and slogging?

2. We have a wicked case of sibling rivalry going on here. What are your thoughts on Adam and Charles’ relationship thus far? Their father’s influence?

3. Just….Cathy. Expound.

4. It remains to be seen how Samuel Hamilton’s brood will play into the story. Any guesses?

We’ll see you back here for another discussion next Monday, August 4!

#EstellaProject East of Eden Readalong!

So last year round about this time, we did a fantabulous readalong of A Prayer for Owen Meany, by John Irving for the first #EstellaProject! This year we’re tackling East of Eden, by John Steinbeck!



Our readalong will “begin” on July 21 with the following discussion schedule:

  • Monday, July 28 – Chapter 1-13
  • Monday, August 4 – Chapters 14-27
  • Monday August 11 – Chapters 28-40
  • Monday, August 18 – Chapters 41-end

Every week we’ll provide a questions, a spot to link up your discussion from your blog, OR you can participate by discussing in the comments. Feel free to deviate from the schedule and post as you can or you may decide to wait until the end! We’re totally easygoing!

Hashtag #EstellaProject on Twitter and we’ll check on ya from time to time!

Now, let’s get dusty!