East of Eden, Discussion #2!


We’ve covered quite a bit more ground in East of Eden, so it’s time for our second discussion! In this post we’ll cover chapters 14-27 (spoilers for this section may be a thing!). Let’s not waste any time because I’m ready to get back to reading.

1. What do you think of the characters’ growth and/or change in this section? Specifically, Adam, Cathy/Kate, and Lee have all had some big things happen.

2. Lee is quickly becoming an important and insightful character. What do you think of his insights and his thoughts on language and his ethnicity?

3. The Cain and Abel and the importance of narrative continues to take on more prominence. How so?

4. How do you perceive Samuel now that he’s gone? Was he just a device for delivering advice?

5. Cathy/Kate…expound. There will probably be one of these at every checkpoint because OMGthatwoman.

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