Announcing The Dog Days of Summer Readathon!

There are few things Andi and I love more than a great readathon. We host Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon two times a year for that reason! However, we have a hard time getting a lot of actual READING done during Dewey. So, we wanted to have a readathon where we actually get to read with everyone. No strings, no work, just sitting down, all weekend, to relax and read. And what time of year is better than during the Dog Days of Summer? One of the things I miss the absolute MOST about my childhood is setting up camp outside in a cool spot and reading the day away. Summer vacation is made for it!

So, here we go. A whole weekend of reading, the last weekend of summer, to sit and read read read. Hope you’ll join us! Sign up below and let us know if you can! It doesn’t matter if you can camp out with us the whole time or for only an hour!

17 thoughts on “Announcing The Dog Days of Summer Readathon!

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  2. This is my kind of readathon. I can’t and won’t do the 24 hour type but the more relaxed ones like this are awesome. It works our perfect that we don’t have a football watching party somewhere that weekend too! I’m in!

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  9. Very cool, just what I need this weekend. I have missed the beginning, since I only found this now, but okay. This weekend I will kick perfection in the rear. Will update my posting as I go along. Happy reading!!!

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