BBAW: Book Blogger Superlatives!

Day OneIntroduce yourself (14)When we first agreed to bring Book Blogger Appreciation Week back, one thing became very clear very early on. We did not have any desire to bring back the awards. People love getting awards, but we definitely don’t want this event to feel exclusive, and we kinda want to give a special award to each of you. We brainstormed…and then it hit us!

We’ll just let you guys do it in your own ways!

And Book Blogger Appreciation Superlatives were born. We invite you, yes YOU, to give out your own custom Superlatives.

  • Who is most likely to add a book to your TBR?
  • Writes creative reviews you admire?
  • Has the best legs?
  • Most likely to dog ear a page in a book? (The horror!)

It’s all up to you. Post on your blog and share the link here. We can’t wait to see what you come up with and find some new to us bloggers! Give as many or as few Superlatives ad you’d like in all the wonky categories you can conceive!

And come back each day of the week to meet the bloggers who signed up for BBAW. We have a ton of new blogs for you!

Link up with your BBAW Superlatives here:

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