100 Chapter Books Project: Anne of Green Gables


Of all of the books that I regret not reading as a child that show up on the Top 100 Chapter Books list (and that existed when I was a kid), Anne of Green Gables (1908) by L.M. Montgomery is possibly the one at the top of the list. I actually read it once before this time, about six or seven years ago, but I didn’t remember much about it except that I really did love it. This reading is definitely the one that will stick with me forever.

What it’s about: Anne Shirley is an orphan who is accidentally brought to Prince Edward Island to be adopted by the Cuthbert siblings, Matthew and Marilla. The accident was that they had asked for a boy to help Matthew work the land and so they intend to send her back but, after a day or two of experiencing Anne’s unique way of speaking and of looking at the world, they decide to keep her with them at Green Gables after all. What follows is the growth of an unconventional family, centered around a very unconventional girl.

Age level: Grades 4-7

Best part: Oh, everything. The beautiful descriptions of the land and the seasons of Prince Edward Island, the bosom friendships, the softening of Marilla’s heart — it’s all so lovely.

Worst part: That thing that happens right before the end, you know, the thing that makes you sob and sob? I truly wish that hadn’t happened. I know why it had to but I wish it didn’t.

Verdict: Buy

I really should read the rest of this series and the other ones that Montgomery wrote. There’s part of me, though, that doesn’t like seeing child characters grow up. It’s why I didn’t read The Cursed Child. I know that Anne doesn’t have the easiest path in life and I’m not sure I want to read about it. If you have read the rest of the series or one of the others and you love them, please try and convince me to read them!

One more book to go … #1 on the list, Charlotte’s Web. This is one I have read so many times in my life that it’s probably part of my DNA now. What a pleasant way to end this project!

Schedule – March
March 15 – #1 Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White (1952)
March 31 – Project Wrap-Up!

6 thoughts on “100 Chapter Books Project: Anne of Green Gables

  1. This is one I think I would have loved as a young girl, but didn’t love as much as an adult as I wanted to. Maybe because it was forced on me as a book club choice by someone who despised my beloved Little Women?

    • I really do wish someone had put it in front of me when I was a kid.

      And someone who despises Little Women?! Yeah, I wouldn’t trust their taste in books either. 😉

  2. Read the first three: Green Gables, Avonlea, and the Island. That gets you where you need to go (up through college); the rest is about different sets of people, and grown up Anne and Gilbert don’t seem quite the same there. But the first three are all worth it, definitely.

  3. I also didn’t come to Anne until I was grown up and I also love her story. I have read the first three books and think they are great (but I agree that it’s always a bit strange to watch a child character grow up).

    I can’t believe you’ve only got Charlotte’s Web left for the project! I’m not sure I’ve ever commented on one of these posts, but I’ve enjoyed the series :)

    • It’s really interesting that this book made it on so many favorite lists when a lot of us bookish people didn’t read it as kids! And I’ll definitely be reading the next two books this summer based on the comments here.
      I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the series! I definitely feel it was worthwhile and now there are these nice posts up for anyone to reference later when they are looking for a stellar chapter book. :)

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