Introducing…The Estella Project

projectIn my and Andi’s attempts to come up with some community-based projects, one thing stuck out in my mind. A reading challenge! One of the first community-based projects I ever saw, almost 8 years ago (!), reading challenges have done more to bring our little community together than anything I can think of.

But, then, what reading challenge hasn’t been done before? There are genre challenges, there are TBR challenges, there are classics, and summer, and fall, and winter, and spring, and weekend, and even one-day challenges (Readathon! Holla!). What could we possibly do?

Then, like a bolt of lightning, it hit me. We could get YOU to challenge everyone else!

So, basically, what we’re asking for is this: tell us The Book. THE BOOK you would (if you could) put into the hands of every reader, every non-reader, every man, woman, and child on this planet, in this universe, to read. Hopefully, we’ll get hundreds. Actually, hopefully, we’ll get at least 10, since for 2013, we will run this challenge from March to December. For every book you read and review (and it DOES NOT have to be one per month..some months you might knock out none, and other times you might tackle three!), you will be put into the drawing for… well… we don’t actually KNOW yet, but something pretty damn cool. Sometime in December, we’ll draw out a couple of names. And then we’ll start all over again.

Just link your post to the Page we’re going to make here. Soon. Ish.

So, please, fill out this form. Tell us The Book. And WHY. Make a good case for it, because if we pick your book, we’re going to say why they need to read it. Keep it short, like a Twitter Tweet, though, please.

Look for the list on or around March 1st!

Heather & Andi

5 thoughts on “Introducing…The Estella Project

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  2. I love this idea! And for once, I thought of a book almost instantly. Kim the Sophisticated Dork (;-)) and I have talked in the past about how we wish this book was required reading for all!

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