Hosted by Andi of Estella’s Revenge and Heather of CapriciousReader, The Estella Society is a reading playground built by book bloggers, for book bloggers. All who like to read are welcome here.

We post original and syndicated content, host events, and partner with various community-building entities across the book blogosphere. We’d love to have you in our sandbox, so send your schemes to estellasociety@gmail.com.


  • Feature articles — musings and meandering, thoughts on the reading life, specific topics, genres, etc. Kinda like a thoughtful post you’d want to post on your own blog!
  • Columns — have an idea that might take a few installments to hash out? Have a list of books you’re reading through and want to invite others? We’re open to suggestions.
  • Reviews and reactions — review books you’re reading. We don’t want to publish all the same “it” reviews you see elsewhere, though. Backlist titles, underappreciated or underpublicized books, small press offerings are all welcome. And all genres for a good mix.
  • News — is there a hot topic in books and publishing you’d like to tackle?  Own it!
  • Humor — we love a funny anecdote about the reading life, your experiences in the blogging community (Twitter, Facebook, giveaways, etc!).
  • Artwork — got some gnarly shelves? Need some suggestions for organizing your books? Wanna show us where you curl up to read? Your readerly photos or artwork are always welcome.
  • Spotlights — want to spotlight a publisher or author you appreciate? Want to blow the blog horn of appreciation for a fellow blogger? Spread the love.
  • Lists — give us your favorite 5-10 books on any topic under the sun like…books to take on a job interview, to take to a fistfight, to read when depressed, to read when you’re happiest, to read to hyper children, to read when you want to go on an adventure.

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