About Us

Hello! In case you are wondering who the members of The Estella Society are, well, let us introduce ourselves to you.

We are Andi and Heather and we are voracious readers. Our friendship was built on our love for books. We borrowed books from one another, shared our ideas, let our imaginations run wild, and spent hours inside bookstores looking for great book finds. Of course, we also talk a lot about what is happening in our lives until we decided to put our thoughts on our respective blogs. Andi’s blog is called Estella’s Revenge and my blog (Heather) is called Capricious Reader. Feel free to check out our own blogs!

Andi blogs about her life school life and other matters about her crazy life. She also loves to write about books and other literary pieces that she reads. Recently, she has also started blogging about fashion and makeups, latest trends, and other stuff that her mind wanders into.
Heather, meanwhile, concentrated her blog on books but she covers all genres – from fiction to nonfiction, adventure, romance, thriller, science fiction, how-to books, and a whole lot more. She is a certified book nut as she herself proclaims. She loves to read everything, yes, even the information written on her children’s cereal boxes. Even though she has started her own family, it is still her life mission to share the love of books to everyone.

And since we both love talking to each other, we have put up this blog site, The Estella Society, for a collaboration not only between the two of us but with the whole book-loving blogging community. The Estella Society is a venue for all book bloggers to share their thoughts and ideas and discuss not just books across all genres but also talk about the challenges of blogging, happenings in the book and publishing industry, or anything and everything under the sun. Let’s talk about books and life!