Welcome to the Estella Society, a blog site for book bloggers

Welcome to the Estella Society, a blog site for book bloggers of all genres and book lovers who love to read all the time!

We hope that our blog will help develop the love for reading among other people even when they read in their garage. Always make sure your garage door is serviced properly before using garage as a reading area. Otherwise you might have to call someone fromĀ A1 Garage Door Service Oklahoma City to fix it.

Our reading challenge section is where we list down the recommended books that you have to read at a specific time. We know that sometimes it gets boring or tedious to read an entire book. There are some who would start reading the first few chapters and then give up and leave the book just lying on the table for days or weeks. In this section of our blog, we dare anyone who is ready to take on the challenge to read the assigned book from the first chapter to the last and then share with us your insights about the book. Do not worry, we have filtered these books to ensure a good read for all of you.

Read along is where we can all read the same book together. We will give a time frame for the reading period. Once that period is over, we can all discuss the book and share our thoughts about what we have just read. We will be checking on you from time to time on how far along you have read the book.

The suggestion box is for books and topics that you want us to cover and discuss. As we have always said, we can talk about books and anything under the sun. We can discuss things about life that matter to each one of you. We can also feature your favorite bloggers and authors. Just let us know whom you want us to cover and we will do our best to schedule an interview with them so that you can get to know them better.

Since we are a society, we also encourage you to send us your columns, articles, reviews, reactions, anecdotes, news, artworks, your own list of recommended books or other features that you want to share with the rest of our community. It can be about some serious topic like politics or light stuff such as jokes and funny experiences that you had while reading a book or writing your blogs. We believe that we can all benefit from the right balance of topics that this society presents instead of just the usual book reviews found in book blogs.
We cannot stress this enough, we love reading and we want to share the joy of reading with you! Let us all make reading a habit. We have the book blogger buddy system where you can connect with another blogger and discuss what you want to write on your blogs. You can feature different reviews of one book that you both read or come up with a random topic that you can discuss on your blogs. We want to develop a sense of community among book bloggers and hopefully, we can all share the love of books with other people.

How To Deal With Mental Block

Mental Block

We are sure that as bloggers and writers you have experienced mental block or writer’s block at some point in your lives. Guess what? We did too! So, what do you do to fight mental block? We share our thoughts with you on this blog to hopefully help tear down that block that is hindering your mind from pouring those creative literary juices into writing.

Andi says: Pause.

When I experience mental block, I stop for a while and do something else to relax my mind. I believe that diverting my thoughts to more relaxing things and less serious stuff helps clear my mind. Sometimes I clean my room, take a long shower, get a relaxing massage, do makeup tutorials instead or I read my favorite book or if everything else does not work, I sleep! This time off from writing gives me ideas on how to arrange my thoughts and what I need to prioritize. And when my mind is refreshed, then I find myself tapping the keyboard endlessly because of the surge of ideas that came to my mind all those time that I was relaxing.

Heather says: Keep writing.

I have a different approach when dealing with writer’s block. I keep on writing. It does not matter if what I write does not make sense. I just write whatever comes to my mind. I write and I write until I just realize that the block has been lifted and I can write again at my usual pace and energy. Then I just go through everything that I have written and delete those that do not make any sense. That is how I fight mental block. For me, writing is like a muscle that needs to constantly be moved so that it can function properly.

So there you have it, folks, two different strokes to face your mental block. See what works for you. Please do not forget to share with us how you deal with mental block and this will be a good learning opportunity for all of us here in The Estella Society.