Estella Project Summer Readalong Announcement

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And the votes are in! The winner of our Estella Project Summer Readalong is A Prayer for Owen Meany  by the prolific John Irving!



If you’d like to join us for this readalong, the deets are below…

Start: July 2, 2013
Mid: July 23, 2013
End: August 13, 2013
We’re pretty laid back in our readalongs here at the Estella Society, so we put a sign-up linky below, we’ll do a mid-way check-in linky, and a final linky on the end date. If you’d like to Tweet along with us use #MeanyRAL.
We’re looking forward to having you along with us! It’s sure to be a great discussion.

15 thoughts on “Estella Project Summer Readalong Announcement

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  2. This is the 3rd book I was planning on reading for the Estella project so I might as well join in. I probably won’t stick to the schedule though. I’m a REBEL!

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