The Frozen Deep Discussion and Link-Up! #WilkieWinter


It’s tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime! Time for our discussion and link-up for Wilkie Collins’ The Frozen Deep. In truth, I knew absolutely nothing about this book until Amanda over at Fig and Thistle suggested we do a Wilkie event! And Heather was onboard! And then it was happening, and I was all like, “And what’s this Frozen Deep business?”

Well surprise for me…it’s a novella. But it’s actually a play. Clear as mud? If you’re interested in knowing more background on this one, and you’re not above Wikipedia as a jumping-off point, read this.

Now, what did you think of it? Feel free to answer any of the questions below, address them in the comments, or link up your own posts from your blog, YouTube channel, whatev!


1. How do you feel about the narrative structure? The obvious rewrite of stage direction?
 2. How do you think this play looked performed? Do you think it would make more sense in that medium that in this small novella?
 3. What did you think of the “love triangle?” Did it feel forced? Which man would you have picked?
 4. Impressions of Clara and her characterization?
 5. Supposedly Dickens had a hand in helping write this script. Can you feel his hand in the writing? How much was Dickens and how much was Collins?
Now let’s see what you’re saying elsewhere…

10 thoughts on “The Frozen Deep Discussion and Link-Up! #WilkieWinter

  1. This was my first Wilkie Collins and I knew ahead that it was not a typical Collins book so I didn’t hold it’s lightness against him. Knowing that it was written first as a play, I could easily see that upon reading it. I wish that he had expanded it more for the novella. Like others, I would have liked what was going on out on the ice. I am fairly new to this era of novels having read very little Dickens’ (Great Expectations the only read since David Copperfield in junior high). I find it very amusing that the young ladies in stories written in this time period (Victorian) seem to fall in “lifetime love” extremely quickly. Probably attractive fairy tale endings for those who are marrying during this time period for reasons other than love? I am halfway through The Woman in White now and just loving it. I’m glad that this challenge got me started with Collins.

    • The quick lifetime love always leaves me rolling my eyes at the Victorians quite a bit. I do love Dickens, and I find myself with a newly blossoming love for Collins, despite the shortfalls of this little novella. It was fun for what it is.

  2. I think that the melodrama in this tale would have been more effective in the original play format — the settings, the overblown depiction of Clara’s second sight and so on might have been pretty impressive on stage! I have some reservations about the links between real life and the Arctic thread of this story, due to Dickens’ involvement — I’ve shared some of those in my post about this one.

    • Can’t wait to read your full post, Melanie! And you’re right…the melodrama would’ve played much better onstage, I’m sure. Did you cover of it start snowing? That’s random, I know, but mine did! I think it was a fun Google+ trick.

  3. I really liked the structure of the story, as it made it easy to read and I could definitely picture the drama unfolding on stage. I didn’t really sense the influence of Dickens anywhere, except maybe in the coincidence (or is it fate?) that brings Richard and Frank together in the Arctic.

  4. I am finally linking up, though I will warn you that my post is actually not scheduled to go live until tomorrow morning! Sorry if this is a pain. I figured I better link up now while I was thinking about it or I would totally forget to do it later!!

    Anyways, this was my first Collins. I was not disappointed, though I will also say it was not my favorite read. I could tell that it was an adaptation from a stage production, but maybe that is hindsight considering I knew that little fact before starting the book. As my review says, it was a bit predictable, but I still a nice, quick, and enjoyable read overall. I’m really looking forward to reading The Woman in White now though!

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