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Back in the fall of 2008, a wonderful book blogger named Amy (from My Friend Amy) created an online festival for book bloggers called Book Blogger Appreciation Week. Her intent was simple:

Acknowledging the hard work of book bloggers and their growing impact on book marketing and their essential contribution to book buzz in general, I am excited to announce the first Book Blogger Appreciation Week. Think of it as a retreat for book bloggers and a chance for us to totally nerd out over books together. And of course, shower each other with love and appreciation.

The event grew every year and, even though it was fun and Amy loved it, she had to end it in 2012 due to the work and time involved. BBAW has been missed dearly ever since.

That’s why we (Ana, Jenny, Heather, and Andi) are more than thrilled that Amy agreed to turn her baby over to us. We can only hope we do her proud.

So, yes, we are bring back Book Blogger Appreciation Week, with Amy’s blessing. Sign ups go live next week and the event starts February 15, perfectly coinciding with Valentine’s Day. Some things will change, some will stay the same, but we hope to keep Amy’s intent alive: celebrate the hard work, dedication, and love we all put into this adventure we call book blogging.

Help us spread the word with the graphic up top and the #BBAW hashtag!

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